Besides my census details—American, male, born in ‘91—the best way to get to know me would be to read the site, my Twitter, my influences or email me at maxim.efremov@gmail.com. If you’re interested by what you’ve seen here, then I’m sure I’d like to hear from you. The comments on this page will serve as an AMA.

Some salient features:

  • I’ve been a part of the Rationalist community since 2013, and consider the movement and some of its blogs and thinkers among the most important influences on my life
  • I spent several years during college doing community service, disaster relief, and trail-building across the American Midwest
  • made dozens of lifelong friends on the internet who then became my friends irl
  • studied and lived in Seoul, South Korea
  • I discovered in 2017 that you are not your thoughts, and have been meditating regularly ever since. I’m partial to the app Waking Up—email me for a free introductory month!
  • I’m a gymnast—check out the fitness gram
Shenendoah, Virgina Bukhansan, Seoul, Korea


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