I’m Max. I’m a machine learning engineer, podcaster, and adult gymnast. The site is a document of my experiments, thoughts, and frequent em dashes.

Besides my census details—American, male, born in ‘91—the best way to get to know me would be to read the site, my Twitter, peek at my influences or write me at maxim.efremov@gmail.com. If you’re interested by what you’ve seen here, then I’m sure I’d like to hear from you. The comments on this page will serve as an AMA.

Some salient features:

  • I am extremely extroverted, social, and warm. Gwern started a tradition of including your big five personality metrics: I’m 98th percentile extroverted, 62nd on emotional stability, 89th on agreeableness, 80th on conscientiousness, and 91st on intellect/imagination according to some 8-minute quiz
  • I’ve been a part of the Rationalist community since 2013, and consider the movement and some of its blogs and thinkers among the most important influences on my life
  • I spent several years during college doing community service, disaster relief, and trail-building across the American Midwest. I lived in church attics, remote cabins, and tents. I met scores of people and came away with the confirmation that people are immensely decent
  • made dozens of lifelong friends on the internet who then became my friends irl
  • lived in Seoul, South Korea, partied in Gangnam district, hiked the Seoraksan Mountains, handstood on Bukhansan (see below!)
  • I discovered in 2017 that you are not your thoughts, and have been meditating regularly ever since. I’m partial to the app Waking Up—write me for a free introductory month!
  • I’m a gymnast and all-around athlete interested in health and longevity—check out the fitness gram
Shenendoah, Virgina Bukhansan, Seoul, Korea


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