Hire Max

Max Yields

For the last year +, I’ve taught crypto: from on-boarding funds, to DeFi, yield farming, project valuations and risk management, etc. I’ve coached complete newcomers, high net worth individuals, and business owners managing their cash. I’ve coached individuals and facilitated a number of cohort-based courses.

One-on-one service typically starts with a personal assessment, which have historically included: personal finance, using DeFi protocols, hedging your investment and crypto FOMO, earning high returns on stablecoins in excess of traditional savings instruments.

Service types include:

  • Hourly consulting and coaching: Email link to discuss or book a session for $500 an hour
  • Half-day or more in-person coaching and strategy session: Email link with “Half-day coaching” in the subject line to discuss a time and place
  • Digital and cohort-based courses over at MaxYields.io

Personal Development

Out of my passion for understanding psychology and how our personalities work, I also coach and facilitate transformational personal development. My client and student successes include

  • creating self-disipline, organization, and confidence
  • changing careers, professions, moving to a new city
  • overcoming years of trauma, such as sexual abuse, and changing relationships to old experiences
  • reworking the ongoing, internal conversations we have from fear to empowerment

Note that I am not a licensed therapist. My services are leadership support for already functioning adults who are looking to elevate their lives.

If you’re intersted, I’m coaching, tutoring, and mentoring those seeking and enquiring in these areas. You can email me to learn more.