Hire Max

And Maximize

The world is complex. Are you making an optimal decision? Are you forgetting something important? Is optimization even the right frame?

By dint of the non-traditional path I’ve taken, I’m intimately familiar with the details of:

  • mastering my body, eating habits, and physical training schedule
  • changing careers into tech and being accorded a lifechanging income
  • uprooting and moving to the city with the brightest future in America: Austin, Texas
  • owning my sundry emotions, extirpating the shame we all exit childhood with
  • approaching strangers with captivating energy, making friends, navigating dizzyingly high status and successful worlds
  • leveling up skills, habits, feats of strength; from handstand push-ups to coding, morning routines, and knowledge management
  • toggling between sprinting the race, running the marathon, and knowing when not playing the game at all

I live to serve. Please find me if you think you’d benefit from a conversation with me. Email me with coaching in the subject.


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