Cohort 1 of Max Yields

You’re now getting an early peek into the future of finance

These are some of the biggest pain points or motivations I have found in my time coaching and consulting individuals with their onboarding to crypto.

  • If I don’t understand the underlying technology, can I still participate?
  • I’m overwhelmed by the resources, options, and complexity. I don’t know what I don’t know.
  • It sounds like everyone is making money in crypto but me. What’s going on?

Join the first cohort of Max Yields, my crypto course: 4 or more hour-long live lectures about the crypto and investing fundamentals, weekly group webinars, Q+A calls, personalized 1:1 time with me, and one year, ongoing access to a community Discord with Max and a growing community of traders and investors. You will learn how to onboard and control your funds and will be shown exactly how to leverage decentralized finance—DeFi—to obtain high yield savings accounts, autocompounding investments, and returns not seen in the traditional financial world.

$795 for entry to the first cohort, a discount to my friends, fans, and believers, as I experiment and innovate in providing you the highest possible value. I will help you how to navigate the crypto economy, understand the risks, find the rewards, and empower you at whatever level of active (or passive) management you seek, all the while connecting you with a community of incredible, like-minded early adopters.

A word of warning: This world is high risk. Please understand that there are no guarantees, and while I will guide you with utmost care and diligence—showing you my every position and strategy; sourcing opportunities from a large, well-connected network—your first investments should be thought of as a learning opportunity. Do not invest with any funds you can’t afford to lose.

That said, if you don’t make your investment back-if you don’t find the value of my coaching after learning of the power and potential of the decentralized world-you can ask me for a refund.

If you’re interested, then please Venmo me at @maxefremov or PayPal, and go ahead and start preparing for the first day of the course by onboarding funds and setting up MetaMask (your crypto wallet):

Course Content:

  • 4 to 5, hourlong Live lectures per a carefully curated curriculum over two or three weeks
  • explicit video walkthroughs of trades, order executions, and position taking
  • once-a-week Q+A calls
  • Catalog of recorded, on-demand videos of me showing projects
  • 1:1 time with me
  • One-year access to an active Discord channel with asynchronous access to me, my friends, and our community

Motivating questions for the course include: where is this high yield coming from? Who’s paying it? Why is Alchemix a project worthy of strong conviction? What does that imply about a project like Wasabix (a competitor with similar functionality with a thousandth the market cap)? How does one evaluate a project or protocol? How do I execute on any of this conviction?

And tons of details and general concepts, like level 1 chains versus level 2, Arbitrum versus Optimism versus Polygon, liquidity, LPing, impermanent loss, security mindsent, risk management, abundance mindset and trader psychology, etc.

And then, of course, alpha. What I’m in, my friends are in, etc.

Join now so we can get started. The first group onboarding call will be Thursday, June 17th at 5pm CST (and recorded for your benefit). The course will start Tuesday June 29th.


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