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This is my “now” page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

April 2021

I lasted six months to the day at a totally fine tech job before I quit.

I was a natural language processing data scientist at a healthcare firm, creating a machine-learned data product. It was really fun learning wrapping my head around the problem making my first APIs and models—going from 0 to 1—but maintenance and data upkeep couldn’t hold a candle to the life around me in Austin, which has been taking off: an incredible community surround me, opportunities for interesting work abound, and I got the crypto bug bad.

Right now, I’m working on:

  • direct action on and advocacy for immigration reform through IDEAL Immigration, a non-profit. At the intersection of human flourishing, economic growth, and human liberty is immigration. This project is the culmination of my years of study of government interventionism, the conditions for economic growth and human development, and my intellectual collision with Bryan Caplan. It was he who introduced me to Steve Kuhn, the founder of IDEAL, and Bryan is why I have the opportunity to instantiate what might be currently the most underrated, effective altruist idea there is: more legal immigration.
  • adult gymnastics and acrobatics training. Early April saw me on an eight-day traincation in Las Vegas. Vegas is home to the world’s best Cirque du Soleil and circus performance acts, so the training facilities are world-class. I traveled with 15 other acrobats, fire spinners, and performers as we contorted, stood on our hands, or otherwise flipped through sin city. Now that I’m back in Austin, I have a number of skills I’m looking to attain, as well as… maybe model underwear?
  • the crypto economy. Crypto is staggeringly exciting, and shows immense promise. And nothing gives me more joy than showing people what’s possible. I’ve taken up coaching and consulting on the intricacies of the space, and have received lots of positive feedback.

As always, if you’re in Austin, send me a note or Twitter DM!.


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